Joy grew up in Oregon, USA and still carries with her a love of the frothy sea, cool forests, cloud-filled skies and the many species of flowers often touched by the Oregon dew. You will often find their influence in her work.

 A graduate of Arizona State University, she is a former interior designer and award-winning art quilt designer. It was while trying to solve a quilt problem that she discovered Encaustic Art. Very soon this intriguing form became her passion.

 She has studied Encaustic and Oil/Cold Wax art forms in workshops from Oregon to New Hampshire, Ireland, Paris, New Zealand, and Mexico to get new perspectives and inspiration. She teaches workshops as well, and loves to watch her students’ eyes light up as they experiment with these luminous mediums.

 She is now traveling the world with her author husband, carrying her Oil/Cold Wax art supplies with her, finding inspiration in the novel sights and sounds she discovers daily.



Creating is my joy. It fills my soul and teaches me to see in new ways every day. I touch, I see, I imagine and then my soul wants to explore ways to express my response to the elements that move me.

 My art is a response to the world I see. I often collect rusty stuff, interesting shapes, historical memorabilia and treasures with smooth and soft colored patinas. Some call it junk, but to me it is “inventory” and inspiration for future art pieces.

 We love to travel, and exploring through the eye of an artist often finds me stopping to enjoy, or ponder, how I can apply my experiences to my art. I am often taking pictures for future inspiration or taking time to learn from another artist.

 I have become fascinated with the use of beeswax mixed with oil paint because one can creates beautiful textures, patinas and luminous depth that invites one to explore their own sensibilities to the world they see. The possibilities are endless.


I wax joyously—to explore the many facets of art.


                          “I am not particularly talented, just passionately curious.”

                                                                                    Albert Einstein